Mariann Proos


Hi! I am Mariann Proos, Research Fellow in Semantics at the University of Tartu. I am interested in how language works, how it's connected to our minds and our surroundings. I work in semantics focussing on polysemy and meaning variation across languages. I have experience with both experimental and corpus-based methods of language research and I strongly believe in methodological pluralism.

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This is where I talk about my personal interests


I love to lift heavy and I do powerlifting-style training.

My PRs are DL 110 kg x 1; SQUAT 80 kg x 1; BENCH 47.5 kg x 1


I have a dog named Loki, who is an 8-ish year old large mutt I adopted from a local shelter. He is absolutely amazing, and like all dogs, the best dog in the world.


My favourites are citrusy IPAs. In the future, I would love to try home brewing.